Anyone can have a social media presence, it’s not that hard. Social media, however, isn’t an admin job, nor is it a job for the receptionist or apprentice.


To be a great social media manager, you need to live and breathe social media and have a passion for all things social.


You need to know how to speak to the audience of your clients, set their tone of voice, make their branding and message consistent, create ideal client avatars, write great copy, create scroll stopping posts and write a social media strategy amongst many, many other tasks.


You need to be able to be social, show up and engage with the followers of your clients and be a conversation starter (trust me when I say it’s never quiet when I’m around).


This is all me in a nutshell and so much more. I bring energy, enthusiasm, and warmth to your social media making people want to engage and stay.


I live and breathe social media, great photography, and starting conversations. I love helping people, achieve results and be a source of information, spreading joy, love, and knowledge.


I’m based in London and work remotely covering all the extra costs that would normally be associated with taking on an employee.


Social media is a free tool available to you as a business and is a valuable marketing tool when used in the correct way. If you aren’t on social media, you really do need to be!


Email me (Stacey) at info@aquilinasocial.com to arrange a call to see how I can help your business Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Noticed in the fast-paced, ever-changing, digital world.